Social technology matters: ook volgens McKinsey Global

25% productiviteitsgroei door deze 'disruptive' ontwikkeling

Het is officieel - in orde grootte 7 jaren is de wereld veranderd.

Van email, Amazon en wat zoeken naar de complete  tijd-en plaats onafhankelijke samenwerking van nu.

McKinsey schrijft:

"Today, more than 1.5 billion people around the globe have an account on a social networking site, and almost one in five online hours is spent on social networks— increasingly via mobile devices. By 2011, 72 percent of companies surveyed reported using social technologies in their businesses and 90 percent of those users reported that they are seeing benefits."

McKinsey Global heeft een rapport doen verschijnen waarin zij Social Technologies 'disruptive' noemt.

Over de impact van social technology schrijven zij:

"Social technologies have literally changed how millions of people live. People rely on their online social connections—often including friends and associates they have never met in person—for everything from advice on what movie to watch to positive reinforcement for behavior modification (e.g., diet and weight loss). On social media, writers who have never been published and musicians who havenever performed in public are now contributing to blogs and posting videos to YouTube."

en over bedrijven:

"Companies are also enlisting social technology users to “crowdsource” product ideas and even to co-create new features. Social platforms have become a tool for managing procurement and logistics, allowing instant communication between different parties on B2B supply chains. Perhaps most intriguingly, companies are beginning to find that social technologies have enormous potential to raise the productivity of knowledge workers. Social technologies promise to extend the capabilities of such high-skill workers (who are increasingly in short supply) by streamlining communication and collaboration, lowering barriers between functional silos, and even redrawing the boundaries of the enterprise to bring in additional knowledge and expertise in “extended networked enterprises.”

Hier het complete artikel


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